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Making music videos takes up most of my time as well as designing webpages. I find it to be a very rewarding hobby. Creativity is a big part of me and takes me away from the burdens and stress of life.
Materials used
Video Editor:
Ulead Media Studios 7.0 Pro
Audio Editor:
Ulead Audio Editor 7.0
Virtualdub 1.5, DVDx 2.0

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AJ Johnson, fan videos, fan made music videos, Avatar, Blade, Bruce Lee "Lose Control", Halloween "Evil Incarnate" featuring Praise by Sevendust, Jet Li Retrospective Lord of the Rings "Ascension" featuring Burn by Sevendust, Jason-Michael-Freddy compilation featuring Enter Sandman by Metallica Bruce Lee "Remember" featuring music by Josh Groban, The Crow "Ventilation" featuring Gone by Sevendust, The Crow "Why" featuring music by Stabbing Westward Spider-man 2 "The Burden" featuring Shine by Sevendust, Star Wars Skywalker "Legacy" featuring Driven by Sevendust, Kiss of the Dragon featuring "Walk Away" by Mad at Gravity Fist of Legend featuring "Right Wrong" by DMX, Black mask featuring "Time and Time Again" by Mad at Gravity, Lotr "Ascension", The Terminator compilation featuring "Inside" by Sevendust, The Crow "Descent" featuring Let it Die by Foo Fighters, Brandon Lee, fanvids, vidding, youtube

AJ's Music Videos

Friday the 13th / KoRn hybrid - "Make Me Bad"

(Duration: 4:33)
Oct 29, 2004
Friday the 13th/KoRn - Make Me Bad
The Crow: Ventilation
Spider-man 2: The Burden
AJ's Music Videos

Spider-man 60's Theme cartoon intro

(Duration: 1:01)
November 30, 2004
Spider-man: 60s Theme
AJ's Music Videos

Equilibrium featuring "The Game" by Trapt

(Duration: 3:49)
July 10, 2003
Equilibrium: The Game
Lord of the Rings: Eternal Souls